Rosa Flower Carpet series

Flower Carpet® roses – also often referred to as The Carpet Rose® – are the world’s number one ground cover rose. Once established, each plant produces an astonishing display of up to 2,000 flowers from spring through to autumn. They’re extraordinarily low maintenance and have exceptional disease resistance. Better still, once established their well-developed root system means they’re drought and low-water tolerant: surface roots take up available surface water while deeper roots access lower level water in drought conditions. As for pruning, once a year in late winter or early spring, all you need is a pair of garden shears to cut them back by a third any which way. This is the rose that needs no guessing, no worrying.
Really… No kidding.

All this is why they’ve received over twenty-five Gold and International Rose Awards.


In full sun, masses of flower clusters cover each rose bush from Spring to late Autumn. In part shade – two to three hours of sun per day – there are fewer flowers. The foliage is dense, green and glossy on a bush with a good, mounded shape.


These roses thrive in most climates and soils but perform best in well-drained crumbly garden soil with added organic matter. Plant virtually whenever: for massed plantings, two to three plants per square metre (3ft); for borders space them 80cm (32") apart.


Plant Flower Carpet roses: into mixed garden beds for a cottage garden or perennial border look; en masse for blocks of colour; into large containers; as a loose low hedge; or in low-maintenance high-end commercial landscapes.


Flower Carpet roses will typically grow into a low, dense and compact bush, taking up a slightly flattened square metre once established. However, each one is different and growing conditions will also affect the plant's mature size.


These roses are drought tolerant but need thorough watering when first planted, then regularly until established during the first season. Feed with a controlled-release rose fertiliser in early spring and late summer: 1-2 handfuls tossed around each plant.


Flower Carpet roses are very tolerant of common rose blights such as black spot and mildew and do not require routine chemical spraying. As for insect pests, infestations are rare and just come & go with no treatment necessary.

Flower Carpet Appleblossom

Flower Carpet Pink

Flower Carpet Coral

Flower Carpet Amber

Flower Carpet Yellow/Gold

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme

Flower Carpet Pink Splash

Flower Carpet Red

Flower Carpet Scarlet

Flower Carpet White

Flower Carpet Sunset

Landscaper tips

  • Flower Carpet roses are the heroes of roadside plantings, laying ribbons of colour alongside avenues and filling round-abouts and traffic circles.
  • For added security around swimming pools, these roses create a lovely showy barrier at a time of year when the pool becomes the garden’s hub.
  • Flower Carpet roses have a good bushy shape which makes them ideal additions to garden beds and borders.
  • Since they are evergreen and they self-clean themselves of their spent flowers, Flower Carpet roses are ultra low maintenance.
  • For maximum easy-care impact, fill large containers with Flower Carpet roses and position at entrances, on patios, across plazas.
  • Once established, this rose thrives where water is scarce which makes it a reliable addition to public or other highly visible landscapes.

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