Anthony Tesselaar Plants is a horticultural project management company, operating internationally. Our highly skilled core team is based in Melbourne Australia, supported by outsourced specialists, strategically located around the globe. Together we work to identify, trial and release worldwide only those landscape plants proven to be outstanding and distinctive.

The search for stand-out plant candidates is ceaseless. Our rare finds are due to our relationships with the best plant breeders, but also to our team’s informed and experienced eye. All our plant candidates are extensively trialled over many years in locations around the world to confirm them as being consistently brilliant and easy to grow.

Our international grower network (see above) then comes into play – each with exacting production standards.  Each of our plants are locally produced and supplied into local markets areas ensuring best results.


Anthony Tesselaar, born in Australia to Dutch horticulturalists, gained his comprehensive knowledge of commercial horticulture within the family’s business – one of the largest floricultural businesses in Australia. His insight into the industry was gleaned from serving on state and national industry boards at times as president. In 1989, he identified an opportunity to develop a then radical approach to plant marketing. Taking a new stand-out rose and using the now proprietary structured program for commercialising plants, a global sensation – the Flower Carpet rose – was created. Anthony Tesselaar Plants was established, and it continues today in working with specialised breeders and growers around the world in the process of discovery-through-to-release of further new, unique, easy to grow and maintain plants.


All plant candidates are tested in trial gardens dotted around the world:  it can take up to seven years to confirm a plant as being consistently brilliant and easy to grow. Pictured below are the trial gardens at Silvan, Australia.